Sunday, March 18, 2012

the clouds part

I don't know if it's closure from breakfast with my ex yesterday, or Foreigner playing I want to know what Love is on repeat on my phone, or perhaps the fact that my family is having more problems than me right now, but TODAY, I am at peace.

I am content.

These are the days I wait for impatiently to arrive and I had one today. Where everything was quiet and I didn't need to drown it out. I wasn't afraid of the future and I didn't think one second about my past. No one bothered me, in the general sense of annoyance I find other people's existence competing with mine for validation. I had coffee and held baby Liam and counseled my step sister and my father and my older sister. I shopped for furniture for a potential design project and ran into old colleagues. I bought groceries to make vegetable minestrone and have been present with myself all day. I held Josie like a baby, my baby, and sang to her (Foreigner, of course) while she purred. Thank you for my life. What a gift.

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