Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lucky 29

Shouldn't life get easier the older you get? Like, I've been here a long time already and the longer I've been here the more I should know about stuff and things. But it never ceases to fail that life actually just gets more complicated. I suppose that's why there are so many books and philosophies and groups about how to find some freaking peace with it. oh geez.

Well, my official count down started tonight for my 29th birthday. It's a' coming! One week from today - B A M! 29. I have a good outlook about this upcoming year. It's the LAST year in my 20's. How could it not be just the best ever? I'm truly surprised there's not more hype about being 29. Sure, there are lots of people who have caught on to the oh-so-clever "annual" 29th birthday party, and for good reason - but there has to be more to it than just the fear of being 30. I believe something magical happens this year. An embrace, a lightness, a freeness and a celebration -- of a decade of lessons (some prettier than others) that I got to learn all on my own! A decade of independence, fun, flailing, love, drama, fear, PAIN, ebb and flow and joy. My 29th year undoubtably will be a tribute to my 20's and glimpse into what my 30's could possibly have to offer.

Twenty nine is not a year to pass up with thoughts or comments such as, "You're practically 30" or "almost in your 30's". I am giving myself this whole year to milk every last moment as a twenty something. A twenty nine year old to be exact. Seven days to my birthday. What to wish for......

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